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Our core business is building and maintaining custom websites, that are elegant, no-nonsense and worry free for our customers.

A lot of websites are cluttered, contain long texts, have unnecessary gadgets that distract from the business message and have slightly blurry photos.

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We build no-nonsense websites with powerful copy and beautiful pictures to adapt to the age of the smart phone.

What do we do when we build your website?

We select the colorscheme, fonts and pictures with you; we (re)write the text for your website and of course we do all the technical things needed to get your website on the internet. And we regularly check in with you to make sure that you are happy with your website!

We choose the color scheme, fonts, photos and lay out together with you. Your website will be unique.

Message = Text + Pictures

We (re)write the text for your website. Because of the small screen of smart phones your message must be short and powerful. And pictures are more important than ever, so we pay a lot of attention to the story your pictures tell and to the quality of your pictures. If necessary we make new photos or refresh your old ones.

Four Devices with websites

Your website will look good on any device, big or small, because it adapts to the size of the screen

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Personal contact is important

When we build your website you always talk directly to the person who takes care of your website. No impersonal helpdesks or call centers are involved.

You don't need any website knowledge: just explain what you want and we will build and maintain it.

We value clarity: we describe what you will get, when you will get it and how much it will cost before we start building. Changes are possible and will be discussed with you. No surprises afterwards!

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Worry Free Websites!

We are small business owners too; we understand that your budget is limited. That is why our rate for building a custom website is extremely reasonable.

Read more about our reasonable rates here

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What happens after we built your website?

We take care of technical maintenance, but we also make changes to the content. So if you want to add a new product or service, need new photos or changes in the copy, you just send us an email and we will take care of it. You don't have to change the website yourself.

Click here to read more about our reasonable maintenance plans

Ask for our additional marketing tools like emails, business cards and newsletters; everything in the same style as your website for a professional and coherent look.

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Our websites are elegant, clean and focus on the business message.

No distracting gadgets.

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