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We are Ron and Marian Het Lam.Together we are Het Lam Websites, building elegant, clean, no-nonsense websites.

Ron is the IT-specialist, maybe we can even call him our Nerd: he built complex IT-systems for many years for large companies. He started working with computers in the 80s before many people even had one at home! He understands what is going on behind the beautiful screens we all see on our devices.

Ron builds everything from scratch and that is why we can customize your website exactly to your needs.

Marian is our Noob: she can use computer programs but her mind goes blank when Ron is talking about technical details. But she is no dummy! She has a master's degree in Marketing and lots of experience in business organization. She can translate your business needs and wishes into what your website should look like and talk to Ron about that, so he can do his technical magic!

Nerd & Noob in one team: we always speak your language!

We are both creative: Ron is an artist who makes beautiful post-impressionistic fauvistic paintings and Marian is an advanced floral designer. Colors, shapes and balance in design are important in both arts and that is what we aim for in our websites too!

Creativity, IT knowledge and Business knowledge, get it all in one place.

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